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Beneath the lights of Washington, D.C., a deadly secret is unearthed…

Shaw reunites with FBI Profiler Alexandra Needham as he navigates the labyrinthine world of D.C. in search of a missing girl.

Together, they uncover a secret society, “The Society of the Crimson Moon.” This clandestine circle of influential men and Russian mobsters may be the puppeteers behind a series of abductions of young women, including the missing girl.

With every step closer, Shaw gets to the truth the danger amplifies.

Can Shaw rescue the missing girl and expose the Society’s secret sins, or will the crimson moon rise over another victim?

“Under a Crimson Moon”—an enthralling thriller of power, passion, and secrets you won’t see coming…

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About Alan

About Alan

Alan Petersen is the author of high-octane thrillers. He was born in Costa Rica and spent part of his childhood in Venezuela before moving to Minnesota for college. While in Minnesota, he met and married his college sweetheart. They now live in San Francisco, California, with three small dogs on a steep street reminiscent of the iconic scene in Steve McQueen’s Bullitt.

What they’re saying about my books!

Another great book and a wonderful read by Alan Petersen about how a man named Maddox takes justice into his own hands and takes care of what needs to be taken care of!


An adrenalin filled, absolutely brilliant read!.


It is not often I find a book as explosive and as breathtakingly exciting as The Asset. It is a novel that starts off fast and never once slows down.


Alan Petersen is the bestselling author of high-octane thrillers.

He's also the host of Meet the Thriller Author, a podcast where he's interviewed over 100 authors of mystery, thrillers, and suspense book including Dean Koontz, Tess Gerritsen, Marcia Clark, and many others.

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