Alan Petersen | Fiction Writer | Spy Crime ThrillersHello there! My name is Alan Petersen. I write thrillers.

I was born in San José, Costa Rica. My Father was an American expat from Minnesota who moved to Latin America in the late 1950s. He met my Mother, who is from Costa Rica, while she was vacationing in Mexico City and he was living there (teaching English at the University of Mexico City).

During the next 40+ years, my Parents lived in nine different countries in Latin America including Honduras, Panama, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic (my parents, brother, and sister were caught in the middle of a civil war in the Dominican Republic, and they had to be rescued by US Marines in 1965. I wasn’t born yet, so I missed the excitement).

In 1969, my parents moved to Caracas, Venezuela when I was an infant. I spent my childhood living in Caracas attending Campo Alegre and Colegio Internacional de Caracas (CIC) both were English-language schools in Caracas.

Eventually, my parents settled back to Costa Rica, where I grew up living near the capital city of San José. I graduated from high school from Costa Rica Academy (CRA) in 1987. My high school principal was the first person who read something I wrote and encouraged my writing.

I can’t remember what I wrote back then, but I remember he read it, and pulled me aside and told me I wrote well and asked me to join the “CRA Jammer” our little school’s newspaper. He probably did it to keep me out of trouble (that didn’t work) but I enjoyed the writing part of school.

I moved to the United States for the first time to attend college. I didn’t know where to go, but since I had been to Minnesota before to visit my grandparents, I figured I might as well go to school up there.

The first Minnesota winter almost did me in, but I eventually became acclimated to frigid winters and humid summers. I met my wife, Jennifer while going to Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota.

Jennifer is from St. Paul, Minnesota, so after college, we moved to the Twin Cities where we lived until relocating to San Francisco, California with our little dogs, and where we live on a quintessential San Francisco city street right out of Steve McQueen’s Bullitt.

I’ve enjoyed reading true crime stories, horror and thrillers (especially crime/spy thrillers) for as long as I can remember, so when I tried to write my book, I picked the genre I loved to read,: thrillers.

Thriller Author InterviewsOne of my passion projects is my podcast, Meet the Thriller Author.

I started it in 2015 and I’ve interviewed over one hundred amazing authors since then with more to come!

I interview authors of mystery, thrillers, and suspense books.

I’ve been honored to interview writers like Dean Koontz, Tess Gerritsen, Kyle Mills, Marcia Clark, Peter May, and many others.

You can check out my podcast website for more information and to subscribe to the podcast. 

Alan Petersen is the bestselling author of high-octane thrillers.

He's also the host of Meet the Thriller Author, a podcast where he's interviewed over 100 authors of mystery, thrillers, and suspense book including Dean Koontz, Tess Gerritsen, Marcia Clark, and many others.

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