Book cover resign is a touchy subject for authors and publishers. It’s looking at the book cover from strictly a business/marketing perspective and decide if the book cover best represents its genre.I decided to re-design the book cover for

Those were the factors I considered before I decided to re-design the book cover for She’s Gone. I liked the original cover, but I felt it was causing some genre confusion. It was giving off a romance vibe and not really a non-stop action thriller vibe that this book is, so I contacted my designer and we go to work.

Book Cover Redesign: Before and After

I really liked the new cover and I now believe there won’t be a question on the genre of this book to folks who might be perusing Amazon for a thriller! Below you’ll see the new cover for She’s Gone as well as a “before and after” side-by-side comparison so you can really see the changes.

Book cover redesign for She's Gone

Book Cover Redesign for She's Gone

The new additions to the cover makes it clear that She’s Gone is an action thriller and not romance or any other genre, other than a hard-charging thriller.

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