Latest Author Interviews

Author interviews are fun. As a fan of the genre, I enjoyed when my favorite authors were interviewed or discovering a new book to read via an interview. That's one of the reasons I chose to write thrillers because it is my favorite genre to read. So when I decided to start a podcast where [...]

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New Book Cover for She’s Gone

In yesterday's blog post I revealed the new book cover for She's Gone. I also explained the reason I decided to redesign the book cover for She's Gone a year after it was published. The e-book cover was completed but I just received the proof copy for the paperback cover of the book and I'm [...]

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Book Cover Redesign

Book cover resign is a touchy subject for authors and publishers. It's looking at the book cover from strictly a business/marketing perspective and decide if the book cover best represents its genre.I decided to re-design the book cover for Those were the factors I considered before I decided to re-design the book cover for She's [...]

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Thriller Author Interviews

Thriller Author Interviews For last few months, I've been interviewing fellow thriller authors for my podcast, "Meet the Thriller Author" (link to podcast). I have met wonderful authors and it's been a lot of fun to see what motivates other writers to write, where they get their ideas and asking them other questions about their [...]

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YouTube Copyright Claim and Royalty Free Music

You learn something new every day, especially in the world of publishing and copyrights. I purchased Royalty Free Music (you pay a one time fee and so you don’t owe royalties to the copyright holder) to use in the “She’s Gone” book trailer. You can watch and hear it here: Not long after I [...]

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Paperback Version of She’s Gone

Good news for readers that prefer a printed book versus a digital ebook... I just received the proof copy of the paperback format of "She's Gone" and it looks great! I've just approved it, so it should be available as a paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in 3-5 days. The digital version ebook [...]

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The Secret CIA Museum

Inside the best museum you've never seen: [youtube id="O7_LrxufJM0" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params=""] Unfortunately it's not open to the public and most artifacts aren't even shown to journalists, but a cool peek inside the CIA museum. Artifacts of the spy trade from the days of the OSS (the predecessor to the CIA during the WII) to [...]

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She’s Gone Available in August

It's been a long time coming, and my apologies for the long delay! But my second novel (second in my Pete Maddox series) will finally be available on Amazon in August. Pete Maddox and Sonia Collins are back, and this time, Maddox will use his skills to track down a young girl that has fallen prey [...]

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My Dog the Cone Head

My poor dog had something funky going on in her left eye, so I had to take her to the vet today. The vet took a look and asked me if I walk the dog, I do, so she thought it might be a "fox tail" which is a small weed that is all over the [...]

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